Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity

Harnessing Indigenous knowledge and ingenuity

The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity (AFSE) is an Indigenous-led lifelong, collaborative fellowship program and platform for systemic change. It harnesses timeless Indigenous knowledge, ingenuity and creativity to bring a unique approach to transformative change.

The AFSE Program involves a year-long intensive fellowship program that provides a place to strengthen and develop capability through collaboration and fellowship. From individual leaders, it builds a collective cohort of Fellows, an immersive environment of Indigenous knowledges, and theoretical and skills development for social change leadership.

The AFSE Program develops powerful understandings of inequity and social change, grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing, doing and being.

It was established at the University of Melbourne and funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies in 2016. It is one of seven global, interconnected Atlantic Fellows programs to which the foundation has committed over US$660 million worldwide.

Find out more about the AFSE Program and its Fellows by visiting the AFSE website: