Andrew Robinson

Biosecurity is more than just pursuing Hollywood celebrities for bringing in undeclared animals. It involves a wide range of stakeholders including governments, businesses and researchers to protect our unique ecosystem from external threats. Associate Professor Andrew Robinson from the School of BioSciences is playing a vital role in protecting our agricultural and environmental heritage.

Protecting Australia’s ecology, and ultimately the economy, requires developing relationships with farmers, landowners, producers and communities who are directly affected by policy-making to find solutions to biosecurity challenges. Robinson’s work with governments and communities to identify areas of risk, such as combating the spread of Foot and Mouth disease, the import of dangerous pests through soil in sea containers and designing quarantine facilities to accommodate high-risk animals and plants, are just examples that demonstrate the public impact of his research.

Robinson’s position as the Deputy Director of the Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis (CEBRA) has allowed him to influence policy development and contribute to the social, environmental and economic cohesion of a society. His work has clearly demonstrated the University’s commitment to create public value and due to the significant impact he has had on Australia’s biosecurity efforts, he has received the inaugural Excellence in Engagement - Public Value Award.