Professor Tim Lindsey AO

The relationship between Australia and Indonesia extends far beyond sharing a maritime border, with over 1.2 million Australians spending their holidays in Indonesia every year. Professor Tim Lindsey AO FAHA FAIIA has spent much of his academic career studying Indonesia’s complex legal and political systems in order to strengthen ties between the two nations.

Indonesia is an important neighbour to Australia. With one of the largest populations in the world and a fast-growing economy, it should be an important strategic and trade partner. Professor Tim Lindsey AO FAHA FAIIA has been awarded the 2019 Excellence in Engagement—Public Value Award for his contribution to Australia’s evolving understanding of, and relationship with, Indonesia, particularly in law and politics.

My strategy has been to lead research in the many areas of current Indonesian law that have not previously been dealt with in detail in English language research, including through extensive fieldwork. Professor Tim Lindsey AO FAHA FAIIA

Professor Lindsey's research aims to present a more transparent and accurate representation of the complex Indonesian legal and political systems. This insight has been critical during times of tension between Australia and Indonesia, with Professor Lindsey providing vital advice to various government departments, courts, international donors, and international agencies.

As a hands-on legal scholar, I have always sought to test my research findings in the worlds of policy formation and legal practice. Professor Tim Lindsey AO FAHA FAIIA

Professor Lindsey has also been an active public academic, with a strong media presence as an expert commentator on Indonesia. He sees ongoing engagement with public debate is essential to his research.

To build the University’s public profile on Indonesia, he and  Dr Dave McRae, a senior research fellow at the Asia Institute, co-founded the Indonesia at Melbourne blog. This allows established and emerging scholars from Australia and Indonesia to offer their perspectives on complex issues in Indonesia, from its democratic system to legal reform to public health, among many others.

Professor Lindsey’s presence in the public sphere ensures that his research and expertise is accessible to a large audience and has the scope to build better Australian understandings of Indonesia.