Indigenous employment

The University is proud of the progress made in the area of Indigenous employment during the life of our first RAP. From a headcount of 24 Indigenous employees in 2010, the University employed 65 Indigenous staff in January 2015 – of these, 45 were employed in professional roles and 20 in academic roles.  We expect to reach a headcount of 75 Indigenous staff in early 2015 when the University's third group of entry-level professional cadets commence. This number will mean we are well on target to achieve our target of population parity in Indigenous employment by 2020.


Tiriki Onus with Darvell Hutchinson 

Tiriki Onus wins new possum Hutchinson fellowship for possum-skin cloak project

Tiriki Onus, singer, performance artist and Lecturer in Indigenous Knowledges and Cultural Practices at the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts has been awarded the inaugural Hutchinson Fellowship.  The Fellowship will fund a year long exploring the role of the possum skin cloak in Koori culture. 

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Two of the cadets with the Narrm Orator 2013 

Indigenous cadetships provide ideal workplace training

Eight Indigenous cadets are now at the halfway point in the two-year entry-level development program that brought them into the University in January 2013.

The cadets, were placed in different faculties and departments across the University, including the Library and Legal Services, the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, Property and Campus Services, Research Ethics and Integrity, Student Services, the Victorian College of the Arts, and the Engagement Division of the University.


Profesor Langton & Profession Anderson at the Narrm Oration November 2013

Leading by example

Professor Marcia Langton and Professor Ian Anderson are respectively the University's Foundation Chairs in Australian Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Higher Education Policy. Both have had long and distinguished careers at this University.  Read the account of these two academic leaders on the changes over the years and what is means to be recognised for actual contribution. 


2013 Diversity Award winners

Awards recognize contribution to Indigenous employment

Each year, the University of Melbourne offers a number of Diversity and Inclusion Awards to recognise and reward programs and initiatives, which demonstrate innovation and excellence in furthering diversity and social inclusion at the University of Melbourne.

Three of the five awards made in 2013 went to staff for their work in promoting Indigenous Employment. 



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