Partnerships for Indigenous development


Through working in partnership with others the University multiplies its capacity to contribute to Indigenous development and benefits from two-way learning.



Prof Doherty and Dr Jenkins_Indigenous Health 

Investing in Indigenous health leadership

Future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals will have the opportunity for leaderships development in health policy and practice thanks to the $10million gift from Australia's leading philanthropist. 

The gift enabled the establishment of the University of Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, a centre that will provide training and development programs for emerging and established Indigenous leaders, and create academic pathways for Indigenous PhD candidates and post doctoral fellows in health.


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Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health Leadership

Art work being flown out of Warmun after the flood

After the flood: restoring Warmun art

In 2011 a flood raged through Warmun in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, gathering up and damaging the community's treasured Indigenous art collection. The University worked with the community to restore and return these works to their rightful place.  The experience established the foundation for an enduring partnership based on two-way learning.


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  • Video discussion with Professor Robyn Sloggett - Director of the Centre for Cultural Material Conservation (CCMC)
  • CCMC partnership with ANKAAA - Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists

Students at Maningrida 

The living classroom

The partnership with the Maningrida College in the Northern Territory shows that learning is not just one way. The program, known as 'Learning On Country', connects education, research, Aboriginal knowledge and non-Indigenous scientific practices with community and country. It re-imagines the future dialogue between the peoples of Australia, recognising land as the foundation that nurtures us all.


 Students at Wakathuni

Supporting learning in Wakathuni

University of Melbourne students put their skills into practice to build an early childhood centre in the remote Indigenous community of Wakathuni.


 Student with children at Wakathuni

Coranderrk: Showing the way in the fight for justice

University researchers on the 'Minutes of Evidence Project' collaborated with the Ilbijerri Theatre Company  and community partners to retell the story of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Community in its fight for justice in 1888.  Recently, the play was followed new book:Coranderrk: We will show the country


  • Coranderrk: Showing the way in the flight for justice - 2014 Story


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